Room Creator drove a 105% AOV uplift for GAIA Design


uplift in CVR


uplift in AOV


uplift in sessions

What was the challenge?

In April 2019 GAIA Design partnered with Hullabalook to deliver 3 new online shopping experiences that had never been seen before in the Mexican market. These experiences have delivered an average of 58X ROI.

GAIA is a multi-category retailer with thousands of products on offer. They follow a design-first approach, and attract a very aesthetic focused customer base. They were looking for an interior design tool which would help shoppers visualise GAIA products in a room-like setting, without any of the barriers that come with traditional visualisation tools (such as 3D room planners and VR technologies). 

How did Hullabalook solve the challenge?

Hullabalook delivered the Room Creator or 'sketch' which allows shoppers browse multi-category and add 2D “stickers” of GAIA products to a room setting, encouraging shoppers to visualise products together and explore every corner of the product catalogue.

Innovation fuels everything we do at GAIA, it’s what sets us apart from any other brand. We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers which wouldn’t be possible without Hullabalook.

Hassan Yassine, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder