GAIA Design implemented Hullabalook's AI Category Page technology and increased CVR by 41%


CVR uplift


AOV uplift


Sessions uplift

What was the challenge?

GAIA Design have thousands of sofa styles and variants on offer. They wanted to find a way to help their shoppers discover their sofa range quickly and easily, while also providing a memorable experience. GAIA were one of the first retailers to deploy Hullabalook's AI Category Pages technology across their range - replacing their former category page with Hullabalook's smarter version. 

How did Hullabalook solve the challenge?

Hullabalook's AI Category Page technology can handle thousands of SKU's at any time, increasing the visibility of GAIA's product range. A Hullabalook AI Category Page reacts instantly to shoppers interactions, re-ranking the page to feature the most relevant products at the top of the page. 

By offering shoppers instantaneous results, which are tailored specifically to their needs, GAIA shoppers are more likely to find what they're looking for and can make a purchase much quicker and easier than before. 

Innovation fuels everything we do at GAIA, it’s what sets us apart from any other brand. We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers which wouldn’t be possible without Hullabalook.

Hassan Yassine, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder