What our clients say about working with Hullabalook

“As our range grows, we are particularly interested in making sure customers can find the right product for them as quickly and easily as possible. We worked closely with Hullabalook to create a simple and elegant solution for people who have a specific space in mind for their sofa and want to make sure they buy something that fits”
Jonathan Howell, CTO - MADE.com
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“We accomplished the initial integration of Hullabalook within a few minutes and found the Hullabalook team easy to work with, and responsive to all our questions about how to get set up despite the time difference between us.”Filippo Lombardi, CPO - Fabelio.com

Hulla Awards


Hullabalook are very proud to be the Retail Week Tech 2017 Gold Award winner for Best Online Customer Experience. Read more about it here:


What shoppers say about using Hullabalook

case study - reduce scrolling on mobile

Meet Martin – he used Hullabalooks SofaSizer to purchase a sofa for his new flat.

“As a first time buyer moving into a new build looking for sofas, I was pretty overwhelmed by the selection out there.

Worst of all you spend a lot of time finding something you like but then realising it didn’t fit.

When I saw the sofa sizer on MADE.com it was a really great help. I found a sofa I was happy with and it fits perfectly, which definitely made me chose MADE.com over other sites. The only shame was that it doesn’t exist for beds yet!”

MADE sofa sizer
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