Our front end techniques

We provide a completely packaged and configurable front end experience which is integrated simply by adding a javascript snippet to your page. This bundles all the necessary backend API calls so that each page makes use of the Hullabalook framework for instant product ranking – whenever a shopper interacts with the page we gather more information about what they want and use this immediately to update which products appear nearest to the top of the list a shopper sees, based on how well every product matches the criteria they have selected.

You can also read more about how our data ingest module prepares data here.

High performance UX

To deliver an instantaneous and smooth discovery experience, we exploit the power of modern web technologies and offload the majority of search processing and heavy lifting to the browser. This approach, in combination with rendering performance optimisations, means that there are minimal wasted CPU cycles, as well as no round-trip delays in querying the server.

Hullabalook Ranking & Recommendations

We have developed a best-in-class, client side, ranking algorithm that shows your shoppers the most relevant products according to all of their criteria, instantly. This means instead of filtering ‘unwanted’ products we identify those products which have the highest chance of conversion for that shopper and show those products in the first two rows of the product results grid.

Thematic analysis of social media

We have developed a client side library which takes an incoming set of data from a social media account (eg. a Pinterest board) and instantly identifies the key themes within it. This allows us to show shoppers products which are relevant to the inspiration which they have gathered before they reached your site.

Learning from shopper interactions

Every shopper interaction with our software is captured and provides insight into what that shopper is looking for. We log information about how shoppers interact with our experiences, and which of your products they click on, to understand how accurately we are ranking your products.

Responsive experiences

We go beyond the best practices of responsive web design – Hullabalook experiences are built with the principle that a shopper on a small-screen smartphone should be able to interact with only one hand, and see the most relevant information without scrolling.

Configurable experiences

Every part of Hullabalook is configurable, from the icons, to the order of the experiences and the copy that appears on each button. Additionally any element of the Hullabalook front end can be styled to match your site by adding your own CSS.

This is all done in the ‘Hullaboard’ (our administration console) – you can read more about this here