Our Technology Platform

Data ingest module

We automatically consume, parse, cleanse and index all your product data (product photos, unstructured data, structured data) whenever you update it. This is achieved using your standard product feed, often with little or no amendments (for example, using Google Shopping or Yandex standard feeds).

The data ingest module handles every aspect of taking your standard feed and preparing it for Hullabalook front end discovery experiences. The process starts by polling your server, then it downloads and compares the data to the most recent previous version (this allows us to derive any data modifications or insertions since the data was previously checked). It then processes each updated or new record through the data ingest pipeline.

We have three parallel data processing streams,
- one for images;
- one for text, and;
- one for structured data.

In each stream we run a configurable series of data ‘smarts’ which increase the value of your data, and improve its readiness for Hullabalook experiences. The smarts include computer vision (image stream), significance analysis (text stream) and population outlier analysis (structured data stream).

The enriched data from each stream is fused into a new master product record and then post-processed to create a version which is optimised for real time ranking when someone is shopping. This post processed record is stored in the Hullabalook product index.

Front end

Once the data ingest module has loaded your product data into our indexes you can use it to power discovery experiences for your shoppers.

We provide a completely packaged and configurable front end experience which is integrated simply by adding a javascript snippet to your page. This bundles all the necessary backend API calls so that each page makes use of the Hullabalook framework for instant product ranking - whenever a shopper interacts with the page we gather more information about what they want and use this immediately to update which products appear nearest to the top of the list a shopper sees, based on how well every product matches the criteria they have selected.

All aspects of the appearance and functionality of the page can be configured using the ‘Hullaboard’ so that you can make the shopping experience unique to your own site. This pre-packaged approach to front end technologies ensures you can get our technology into your site within only a couple of minutes. You can read more about what makes our front end technology so powerful here.


The fastest option to integrate our front end into your site is to paste a javascript snippet (a few lines of code) into an empty CMS page. This snippet will then create the Hullabalook product discovery experience within an iframe on your page (you can then start configuring the experience to appear how you would like).

For those retailers seeking a deeper integration with Hullabalook we can also offer a front end framework with accompanying APIs.

We’ve done this whole process on skype with people on the other side of the world in less than 10 minutes!


Whenever possible, we believe you should be in control of the Hullabalook experiences your shoppers use, without requiring support from us, or your in-house IT team. Your business users have access to our administration console, called the ‘Hullaboard’. Guarded with roles-based access controls, members of your team can:
- Control styling through custom CSS
- Decide which data feeds to use to drive Hullabalook
- Nominate which product categories will be displayed on which pages
- Select which features you want to use and where to use them
- Configure these features
- Develop and activate new pages with new combinations of Hullabalook experiences
- Configure all aspects of the shopper-facing experiences, from labels to hover-over help text
- Correct any incorrect product data which has been supplied in your product feed
- Track the volume of interactions shoppers have with your Hullabalook experiences

We’re continually building new functionality as well, so by the time you go-live with Hullabalook there will be even more you can do in Hullaboard.

We have an online help centre (accessible from the button to the right) where you can read about how to configure your solution within the Hullaboard.