Hullabalook’s Sizer technology drove double-digit uplifts in online CVR and likelihood to purchase in-store for Sofology

Sofology needed to make their products more findable and chose Hullabalook’s Sizer technology as the perfect solution. The goal was to increase conversion rates online, but also to drive the right people to their physical stores.

How did Hullabalook’s technology perform for Sofology?

Sofasizer powered new types of customer journeys across Sofology’s  site, increasing the findability of the huge number of products  across all their ranges. It has complemented and enhanced Sofology’s omnichannel shopping experience, allowing customers additional flexibility whether they shop in-store or online.

Sofasizer has:

  • Driven double-digit increases in both online conversion rate and likelihood to purchase in store
  • Customers using the Sofasizer spend more time on site, view more products and are more likely to return to the Sofology site.

"Sofasizer helps our customers quickly, with little impact to our IT team. We’ve had great feedback and increased conversions both online and in-store. Hullabalook have worked with us to continually improve the experience and explore other ways we can improve our customers' experience in searching for their perfect sofa.” 

James Robinson, Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation at Sofology.

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How does Sizer work?

  • We ask you for an existing product data feed

    We ingest this data into our platform. We can work with any data – so don’t worry if it’s messy!

  • We enrich your data in innovative ways

    Our algorithms understand exact product attributes such as size and colour so your customers can search and discover their perfect match.

  • We deliver your Sizer experience within 4-6 weeks!

    Once our analysis is complete, we build and deliver your bespoke Sizer experience in a matter of weeks.

  • Your shoppers are exposed to way more products

    Sizer updates in real-time showing the most relevant products at the top of the grid, so shoppers discover more products than they would with a conventional PLP.

  • Your products are ranked, not filtered

    We never filter-out products. Instead, we rank them by relevance so your customers are always directed to the best matching products.

What’s next for our partnership?

Due to the success of Sofasizer, Sofology have now rolled out Hullabalook’s Stickers technology as a cross-category shopping tool which helps shoppers visualise products together and design their dream spaces.