Oak Furnitureland saw a 91% uplift in average revenue per user when they launched Hullabalook’s technology

Oak Furnitureland believes that simplicity is key. They want to provide their customers with the best, easiest, and quickest way to find and buy their products. As one of the top five furniture retailers in the UK, they invest heavily in acquiring insights from their customers and providing them with an online experience to match their needs. Selling sofas is an integral part of their business growth – Oak Furnitureland is very well known for selling quality, real wood furniture, but they also have lots more to offer including sofas, mattresses and accessories, to create a whole home shopping experience. 

Oak Furnitureland teamed up with Hullabalook to transform the way shoppers find and buy sofas on their site.


Sofasizer, live on oakfurnitureland.co.uk and powered by Hullabalook's technology.

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Hullabalook enables us to make fundamental improvements to our online customer experience and ultimately, keep everyone happy. The team are a pleasure to work with - their technology is incredibly easy to implement and has made a big impact within a matter of months.

Jaime Hill, Head of Ecommerce at Oak Furnitureland

How did our technology perform for Sofology?

Sofasizer launched on 4th August 2021. We’re very happy to see our technology has driven impressive, positive results for Oak Furnitureland. Customers are returning to site more often and spending longer browsing the catalogue, they’re viewing more products and they’re also spending more money.  

Here’s that broken down in numbers:

- 41% uplift in Sessions per User 

- 108% uplift in session duration

- 64% uplift in PDP views 

- 91% uplift in Revenue per User

(Measured between 5th August 2021 - 7th March 2022. Comparison set: users who used Sofasizer vs users who didn’t and visited at least 1 sofa page.)


What challenge do we solve for Oak Furnitureland?

Oak Furnitureland is dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible omni-channel experience. So much so, they recently hired an agency to conduct some brand analysis and produce recommendation points based on their research. The results showed that a “best in class sofa experience” was needed. They had seen Hullabalook’s Sizer technology before, were impressed with its capabilities and couldn’t think of a better solution to supercharge their sofa buying experience online and in-store. 

Oak Furnitureland needed to increase the discoverability of their sofa catalogue and help their customers find the perfect product without having to scroll through endless pages. They also wanted to provide their customers with a visual, enjoyable shopping experience.

How does our tech meet these challenges?

Instead of displaying 200 SKU products on a page at once, Hullabalook’s technology has the capability of displaying 200,000. Using the Sizer tool, customers can select the exact size or colour they’re looking for and Hullabalook’s technology will automatically reorder the PLP featuring the most relevant furniture items at the top of the page. Not only are customers exposed to more products, they’re also being directed to the most suitable product for them within a few seconds.

What’s next for our partnership?

Both teams continue working together to find new inspiring ways to make shoppers happy and drive revenue.