Hullabalook for appliances & electronics shopping

What do people care about when they are buying appliances?
Hullabalook helps shoppers browse and buy appliances based on what they care about the most; Will it fit into the space I have available? Will it match or complement my colour scheme?

Will my appliance fit in the space I have available?

Hullabalook rescales all of your product images so that shoppers can instantly tell the difference between really big products and really small products. Shoppers can move the dimensions selector around to see products of different sizes, and the products displayed in the grid below are instantly and seamlessly updated so the best fit products are always at the top of the list.
As shoppers move the dimension selector they are browsing your catalogue without realising – In 5 seconds of playing with the dimensions selector the average shopper will see more than double what they would see scrolling on a mobile phone.

visual search for appliances - pixel level image analysis

Will my appliance match the rest of my colour scheme?

Will it match my colour scheme? Hullabalook analyses all of your product images to establish what colour they are. Shoppers can select the colour that they want from a variety of colour wheels/bands, or they can upload their own photos and we will match your products to their scheme.

mobile optimised - pixel level colour analysis

At Hullabalook we believe …

Filters & Facets can look amazing and work fast

Product data shouldn’t have to be structured

You should be able to shop on mobiles without endless scrolling

Integration should take seconds