FAQs (and techy stuff)

How difficult is it to integrate Hullabalook?

It’s simple to integrate Hullabalook software with your ecommerce platform.

Just let us know where we can access your standard product data feed (affiliate/google shopping feeds are welcome) and then place a few lines of javascript into the page that you want Hullabalook to appear in.

If you are a furniture retailer and you just want to get started you can click here for a step-by-step guide to getting Hullabalook up and running.

How ‘good’ does my data need to be for Hullabalook to work?

Data quality, consistency and accuracy are our problem to resolve. We have decades of experience in processing and structuring complex, messy unstructured data. We haven’t yet seen a data-set that we couldn’t make work with Hullabalook (and we have some horror stories to tell – 6m high sofas anyone?) Don’t let fears over bad quality data hold you back from the world of innovation. For a techy explanation of how we process read below.

[We use a mix of NLP, significance analysis and a type of machine learning called learning vector quantisation to process all of your product data. Essentially, we automatically read and understand data the way a human would if they were looking at it. Our technology understands what shape and size most products are, so if you have a corner sofa which has been labelled as H200 x W185 x D90 we know that the unit of measurement is centimetres and that the dimensions should actually be H90 x W200 x D185. We have robust processes in place for catching any outliers to make sure that your customers always see accurate data. We extract the relevant information from any field that it is in, so if your dimensions are contained in a general Product Description text field with lots of other information we will still pick them up and process them.]

How easy is it to customise the appearance of Hullabalook?

Do you want to change the standard Hullabalook styling to match your brand guidelines? Or maybe you would like to change the order that the Hullabalook folios appear in? Or change the text that appears on the screen? All of these options and more are available in the Hullabalook admin console.
Click here to find out more about getting started

Does Hullabalook support multiple languages?

Yes. Using the Hullabot you can select; English (GB), English (US), French, Spanish and German. If you would like to make Hullabalook available in a language not on this list, then please contact us through the Hullabot and we will set that up for you.

Is customer support available?

Yes. We understand how important it is that your customers can always find the products that they want, so we always have Hullabalookers on hand to help out. Just email us here if you need help.