N-Dimensional Real-Time Product Relevancy Rankings

Major e-commerce platforms only provide the ability to rank products in one dimension – eg. popularity or price. The effect is that the product your customer wants to buy has same chance of appearing on row 50 of your listings page as it does in row 1.

Since the majority of click-throughs are made on the products in the top 30 positions in your grid, getting the right items to the top of the page is fundamental to securing higher conversion rates.

The Hullabalook platform has built in N-Dimensional relevancy rankings which take in to account every available criteria and rank products against the combined results so that the most attractive products are in the top rows.

With the Hullabalook platform even on CPU-constrained devices the results grid is updated inside of 6 milliseconds.
This is gaming speed graphics – it’s only limited by the refresh rate of the device.

The Hullabalook platform uses a Javascript algorithm for real time decision-making, deploying a normalised, weighted n-dimensional product-space to distance rank products.

Our JS implementation allows you to execute the ranking algorithm both client and server side, and blend the results, to ensure no delays in page loading or in subsequent re-ranking.

The platform handles the normalisation and weightings for every attribute and optimises the processing to avoid unnecessary computations when ranking.

Over 60% of shoppers who make a purchase will buy from the top 30 products on your listings page. Getting the right product into that top 30 has never been more important.