The Hullaboard

Whenever possible, we believe you should be in control of the Hullabalook experiences your shoppers use, without requiring support from us, or your in-house IT team. Your business users have access to our administration console, called the ‘Hullaboard’. Guarded with roles-based access controls, members of your team can:

– Control styling through custom CSS
– Decide which data feeds to use to drive Hullabalook
– Nominate which product categories will be displayed on which pages
– Select which features you want to use and where to use them
– Configure these features

– Develop and activate new pages with new combinations of Hullabalook experiences
– Configure all aspects of the shopper-facing experiences, from labels to hover-over help text
– Correct any incorrect product data which has been supplied in your product feed
– Track the volume of interactions shoppers have with your Hullabalook experiences

We’re continually building new functionality, so by the time you go-live with Hullabalook there will be even more you can do in Hullaboard.