The Hullabalook platform allows you to create super-fast, high converting, beautiful experiences in your storefront.

Our approach breaks the link between a website’s front-end and your existing ecommerce platform – so you’re free of any existing constraints (whether performance, data structures or UI) without the need to re-platform. You can replace your front-end or roll out incremental improvements such as new category listings pages or more interactive PDPs.

The Hullabalook Platform uses the “JAM Stack” (Javascript, APIs & Markup) to deliver experiences on a highly-scalable, super-fast architecture. The platform is an end to end solution to enable fast development of VueJS applications, and ensuring regular static rebuilds of your site (we use Nuxt) the platform pushes the resulting static site to our CDN so that it’s cached close to your users – wherever they are in the world.

Our platform includes our own merchandising AI – we’ve crafted client-side algorithms for personalisation, merchandising and search which allow you to get the best converting products into the shoppers eye-line. Whether that’s on PDPs, PLPs or Landing pages. You’re no longer limited to considering a single product attribute to search, or sales data alone. With Hullabalook you can rank products by combining all these metrics in real-time, and responding to each user click.

With the Hullabalook platform even, on CPU-constrained devices, the results grid is updated inside of 6 milliseconds.
This is gaming speed graphics – it’s only limited by the refresh rate of the device.

The Hullabalook platform uses a Javascript algorithm for real time decision-making, deploying a normalised, weighted n-dimensional product-space to distance rank products.

Our JS implementation allows you to execute the ranking algorithm both client and server side, and blend the results, to ensure no delays in page loading or in subsequent re-ranking.

The platform handles the normalisation and weightings for every attribute and optimises the processing to avoid unnecessary computations when ranking.

Over 60% of shoppers who make a purchase will buy from the top 30 products on your listings page. Getting the right product into that top 30 has never been more important.