Hullabalook Web Application Development Framework

Create your front-end apps in our platform and benefit from our built in IDE, event driven static site generation and pre-integrated CDN Our approach breaks the link between website’s front-end and your existing ecommerce platform – so you’re free of any existing constraints (whether performance, data structures or UI) without the need to re-platform. You can replace your front-end or roll out incremental improvements such as new category listings pages or more interactive PDPs.
  • Create your application by using our marketplace of web-components or by building your own

    Develop your application in a fraction of the time with our library of Vue components.

  • Setup frequent static site builds of your app

    Handle traffic spikes effortlessly by using Hullabalook to publish your application on our CDN

  • Deliver your product data with our serverless API

    Asynchronously load product data into the client for instant results with no load on your backend