Front end architecture fit for the modern world

We know that your customers expect more dynamic & interactive shopping experiences with more personalised content – but they don’t want to wait longer for pages and content to load.

We’ve developed the Hullabalook platform using next generation front end JS frameworks so you can replace static content with interactive web-applications across your site.

The approach allows you to create an embeded Single Page Application (SPA) within minutes – re-using components from our libraries, or creating your own VueJS templates.

Apply our configurable ranking algorithm within any Web App you create for instant in-browser results which combine user criteria with merchandising objectives.

The Hullabalook platform front end web application architecture

  • Built to the latest web standards

    Encapsulation and performance are guaranteed through our implementation of the Shadow DOM and Virtual DOM.

  • Built in Server Side Rendering (SSR) & Caching

    All content and initial rankings are calculated and cached server-side so pages load instantly

  • Federated data retrieval & multi-set in-browser product store

    Pull distinct sets of product data to the browser synchonously or asynchronously and from feed or API sources

Benefits of the Hullabalook platform’s progressive architecture

Rapid and easy construction of bespoke pages per-retailer through powerful templating and re-use of customisable components.

Flexible API-driven components that interoperate both cohesively and in isolation facilitate re-use across all parts of a shopper workflow, not just product search.

…and mostly you can build amazing, visual and fast experiences for your customers