We believe that e-commerce platforms cannot compete with the interactive and dynamic web applications which are now universally deployed by the leading web companies such as Facebook and Google, however building engaging ecommerce web applications from the ground up is too time-consuming for retailers who need to show quarter-on-quarter improvements.

That is why we’ve designed the Hullabalook platform to have all of the power and functionality you need so that you can quickly design, and deliver amazing experiences to your customers, increasing conversion and engagement rates.

It’s not just a new front-end architecture – it’s supported by a data enrichment platform that allows you to create a data model that’s suited to the use-cases you are focussed on today, and populate it automatically with our machine learning models which will analyse your backlog of product images and descriptions – accelerating product release timescales.

Find out more about our cutting edge technology by clicking on the sections below.

  • Front end architecture

    Next generation front end architecture which uses the latest JS frameworks to accelerate build and release of high performance SPAs and slash delays from server callbacks Click here to find out more

  • Product data store

    Scalable data loading architecture with an agile product store Click here to find out more

  • N-Dimensional product relevancy rankings

    Real time, transparent product distance ranking which runs in an n-dimensional product space Click here to find out more

  • Data enrichment framework

    Recursive data enrichment models which run in the background to combine NLP, Computer vision and ML product classification Click here to find out more