Hullabalook for product listings pages

We believe that product listings pages don’t have to be stuck in the past, and constrained by the capabilities of your current e-commerce platform.
The Hullabalook platform can be embedded into any listings page with just a few lines of code, and will enable you to offer your customers the benefits of real-time grid re-sorting (with no page-reloads), N-dimensional product relevancy rankings based on any data you can think of, as well as visual filtering.

Getting the right products to the top of the grid in a fraction of the time every time

Real-time grid re-sorting

Learn more about how the Hullabalook platform enables real-time grid re-sorting. Click here to find out more

N-Dimensional relevancy scoring

Learn more about how the Hullabalook Platform can enable N-dimensional relevancy scoring on your listings pages. Click here to find out more.

Visual filtering

Learn more about how the Hullabalook Platform makes visual filtering possible, or look below for some practical examples. Click here to find out more

Integrate visual filtering into your listings pages and let your customers browse through your products faster. Visual filtering instantly updates the product grid with the selections your shoppers make so they don’t have to wait for page re-loads.

Enterprise colour search for listings pages gives your customers full control over the exact shade of product they are looking for, and how much of the product they want to have that colour

Integrate quick-view cards and wishlists into your listings pages without needing any development effort on your e-commerce platform. Help make sure that your customers are getting the information they need to quickly make purchasing decisions.