6 reasons why retailers love our Stickers technology

We launched our Stickers technology and Room Builder product suite just over a year ago – and over this year we’ve seen massive appetite in the market for this product. With customers like Currys, Furniture Village, Urban Barn, GAIA, Cox & Cox, CharlesTed all adopting it. What makes Stickers so special? Why is it working so well for retailers? In this article we give 6 reasons, but there are plenty more – we’re just scratching the surface.

1. It’s a great merchandising tool

A lot of our clients love Stickers for it’s merchandising power. If you’re looking to inspire shoppers with a specific selection of products, you can use our technology to create pre-designed rooms in your own personalised gallery. This gallery page is completely customisable, so you can swap and change rooms whenever you like. 

This isn’t just a great way to market your best-selling products, it also gives shoppers who struggle with a blank canvas an initial idea to run with. 

2. It encourages cross-category shopping

How do you inspire shoppers with multiple products across your catalogue? This has always been a conundrum for ecommerce. Luckily, Stickers can help. By turning your entire product catalogue into interactive ‘stickers’, shoppers can browse through products as if flicking through a sticker book. By trying different combinations, they’re able to visualise multiple products together and add them all to their basket in one click – an easy way to increase AOVs! 

3. It’s a cost effective way of creating semi-realistic room settings

The better shoppers can visualise your products, the more likely they are to purchase them. Stickers gives them the ability to design their own space in real-time. For example, we all know buying paint online is a pain because we have to imagine what colours work well together, and how they will look on our walls at home. By using Stickers, shoppers can select different swatches and see our semi-realistic walls changing colour accordingly as they play around with the experience. 

Offering this sense of realism can really help shoppers make better purchasing decisions – and doesn’t require investment in more immersive VR technologies (which aren’t always accessible to the vast majority of shoppers) or expensive 3D product models.

4. It can be used on any device, anywhere

Which leads us perfectly on to this point…we strongly believe that technology should enhance everyday lives. Great technology should be so intuitive that anyone, on any device, in any location can use it. We believe (and hope you agree!) that Stickers belongs in this technology bracket. It’s easily understood by shoppers, it doesn’t require them to have a high spec device – it’s a fun, interactive experience which can be used by all ages, while watching TV, or sitting on a bus. 

5. It can help reduce returns

Shoppers usually return products they bought online because they look different in real life to how they imagined. How many times have you ordered something online, only to realise it’s twice as big or small than you expected? Our technology automatically scales products to their true size, so your shoppers can see how a wardrobe will look alongside a lamp, or how big a piece of artwork is compared to a house plant. 

6. It makes you money!

You invest in technologies to drive sales, and that’s exactly what Stickers can do for you. We’ve proven that shoppers who use Stickers are more likely to add more products to their basket, therefore increasing AOV’s. Customers using Stickers have reported significant visible increases in CVR and RpU since launch, as well as an increase of time spent on their site. By providing an interactive, easy to use experience, you give shoppers the power to unleash their inner creative and find products they’ll want to keep – all while hitting trading targets!