5 reasons why shoppers love our Sizer technology

As with all of our technologies, we built Sizer to help solve some of the frustrations we had with searching and purchasing large items (like furniture) online.

After showing Made.com our first prototype of Sofasizer in 2016, they immediately began an AB test to determine its success with their customers. That test period showed that our technology significantly increased conversation rates, AOV’s and engagement, and so Sizer was born!

Since then, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in homewares from across the globe, in five different continents. Although each retailer has their own unique reasons for using Sizer, they all share the same desired outcomes when it comes to improving customer experiences.

So if you’re wondering how our Sizer technology may impact your shoppers, then you’re in the right place.

Here are 5 reasons why shoppers (and retailers!) love to use Sizer.

1. They can specify exactly what they want

When we’re purchasing larger items like sofas we already have an idea of what we’re looking for. We’ve envisioned it in a space at home, so it needs to have certain specifications like a size and colour. Traditionally, shoppers would need to spend time clicking a load of filters to get where they want to be. Our Sizer technology eliminates this wasted time, because it allows them to search for products by the exact size they’re after, and play around with colour variations. Our tech analyses all of the tags attributed to  different products, so when it comes to playing around with colour, our Sizer lets shoppers differentiate between different hues. For example if they click on green, they can then explore all of the sofas that have been tagged with green tones, like turquoise or emerald. Shoppers can try as many different combinations as they want, they’ll always be met with instant recommendations.

2. They get quick, instant results

Shopping journeys should mimic the experiences we have on social media. They should be instant, playful and intuitive. Sizer does exactly this – use the tool to refine your search and relevant products are shown instantly, without any need to reload the page or click on endless filters. 

3. They get to the right product really quickly

Discovery is really important for retailers. Almost all of our clients tell us their biggest problem is finding ways to get more of their products in front of shoppers eyes. Rather than relying on shoppers to take initiative and find the products they’re looking for, our Sizer technology enables the discovery of multiple products simultaneously. We will always show you the most relevant products at the top of the page, but the second line of products could be the same shape and size, with a slightly different colour, spec or brand. By keeping the product page relevant, but encouraging this element of discovery, you can shop and be inspired at the same time. 

4. They can see a full product catalogue on one page

Retailers often have 10s if not 100s of thousands of certain types of products. For example if a retailer has 100 sofas, that are available in 50 fabrics with 4 leg options, that’s 20,000 sofas! Most e-commerce platforms are not designed to let you load 20,000 products onto a page without the page crashing (or taking FOREVER to load). This leads to shoppers either having to dip in and out of subcategory pages (2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, love seats, armchairs etc…) or constantly having to navigate to the next page just to see the available products. Sizer allows retailers to have hundreds of thousands of products and variants on a single page.

5. It’s an experience like no other

 We always say the best shopper experiences are those which are playful, but also feel so intuitive that it feels as though it always existed. This is how we design all of our technologies, and Sizer is no exception. Every shopper wants to have an enjoyable experience when they shop with you. They want it to feel seamless, quick and fun. We think Sizer encapsulates all of these things. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourselves!