2 months in: what we have learned so far ….


To celebrate 2 months of official Hullabalook existence here is a list of some of the things we have learned, (business and non-business related), so far:


Bryony’s List:

  • Grey squirrels carry a disease that kills red squirrels
  • If Barny is sad he can be cheered up with the application of cake
  • A quick way to make Barny sad is to laugh when he says “elastic beanstalk”
  • How to use wordpress
  • Google own my soul, or at the very least 75% of it
  • How trademarks work
  • You can freeze egg yolks
  • How complicated font licencing is
  • 2 great websites for free images (www.pixabay.com; www.unsplash.com)
  • How to edit videos
  • Remote teams can work really well, but VOIP has a long way to go
  • Walking is a good thinking aid
  • Barny can break all but the most robust furniture
  • The value of a video in conveying a message is amazing
  • Barny isn’t very good at reading scripts. This was a total surprise and still feels a bit mysterious.
  • Height differences are awkward when filming/skyping
  • Screwfix sell 1 billion screws a year!
  • Mothers are the most reliable blog readers/analysers
  • How to create a pitch deck
  • The science of colour
  • What incognito mode is (I really am shockingly naive)
  • We can achieve a huge amount in a short space of time when freed of the restrictions of corporate life
  • On a more serious note the single most important and surprising thing I have learned is how willing people are to help us; friends, family and complete strangers. I’ve been blown away by the support that we have received and find myself in awe of the good heartedness of humanity. Thank you to everyone – I am hugely grateful and aspire to show such kindness and grace in helping others.

Barny’s List:

  • Bad image choice is the best way to slow down your website loading
  • Boris buses have a lot of seats that face backwards, which isn’t very enjoyable
  • When I only have one phone the battery lasts until about 3pm (I always had a separate company phone before!)
  • Remote development actually works pretty well
  • Some people own such fragile furniture, I am surprised it’s lasted more than a few months…
  • Most good ideas come from walking around
  • Ocado sell 15,000 non-food items
  • Managed web-hosting is not very good value for money compared to AWS
  • It’s possible to get elastic-anything now
  • Google are monitoring everything, all the time
  • Taking Uber several times a week is not actually necessary if you plan ahead
  • The difference in enthusiasm from explaining the same concept badly, and elegantly cannot be underestimated
  • Bryony can think of an off-the-wall comment on almost any topic (ie. in any meeting) given only a few minutes

We’d like to post joint blogs more often; so if you can think of any topics you would like both of our opinions on please let us know.

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