Living the dream

I have had many dreams.

Some I have lived (I’ll write about those another day), while occasionally I have had to let them slip away.

Letting a dream go is painful, a recognition that a thing which I really wanted to do, that I absolutely believed I could do, in fact I will never do.

On the whole there are not many excuses for allowing this sort of situation to happen, but life is complex, and so there are so many things which affect our ability to do what we want because of… (mostly) what we want to do more.


But remembering the pain of a dream lost, is all the better for driving towards a new goal – of climbing over the mound of inactivity, out of the trench of fear, through the bog of procrastination and actually doing it.

At some point a couple of years ago, I realised that I would never qualify to compete in a particular sports event. I had reached the point where I needed to have done more training for it, at a suitable club when I was younger and I was no longer going to be able to overcome the deficit. It’s not that I was really that old (probably about 27) but I hated the feeling enough that it strengthened my resolve not to feel like I was in that situation again.

And so I looked out for opportunities to start this company, it would not be easy I knew, favourable circumstances of finances, co-founder and family life are not often achieved so when they all aligned, I knew that it was time to get on with it. So here I am – living the dream. 

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