Random musings from the last week

Rather than writing a post on a particular topic I thought I’d share a collection of half thoughts and random musings I’ve had this week – maybe at some point I’ll turn this into something more enlightened or well thought out, or maybe it will become a series of half ideas that I share on a regular basis.


Why are web pages so full of rectangles? Circles and curves are so much more natural, inviting, eye-catching why do we persist in putting things into boxes? Here is a post I recently found from way back in 2012 that shows some great website design using circles:



Why do e-commerce sites not default to loading all of the items at once rather than putting them on several pages? Whenever I’m browsing any e-commerce site pretty much the first thing I do is click the “Show All” button. Am I alone in doing this? Or have retailers not updated their sites since the age of images loading so slowly that you would want to limit the amount that you were downloading in one go?


How does Idris Elba manage to make a tweed coat in Luther look so good? Seriously – who else can pull off a grey tweed coat? And how are they filming it so that the colours in the series are so flat and monochrome but the textures of the fabrics and the buildings are so evocative? We seem to accept as fact that texture is impossible to accurately portray on websites but there are so many examples of cinematography which counter this fact.


Are robots the new zombies? I watched the below video this week and then spent some time reading about AI and the advances in robotics. It seems somewhat inevitable that robots will at some point become a part of our daily lives. I’m not at all anti this happening, but I do wonder if it is also inevitable that at some point a robot takes an action that leads to some harm coming to a human. Instead of chatting in the pub about what we would do if their was a zombie apocalypse should we be forming our Robot takeover survival plans?

Do you have strong views on how we can make texture a better experience on websites, or maybe some good tips for Robot takeover survival? Let me know on one of the social media links below.

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